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Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage allows the body to clean itself from its own tensions.

It helps to find internal harmony and retrieve a perfect circulation of inner energies. This is surely one of the richest and most complete massages in the world. It is a powerful, deep and complete massage of the toes to the head. 

Masser uses all the precise gesture and movement techniques, with fingers, elbows, forearms, to optimize the effect of pressure and stretching.
The heavy or light massage pressure depends on the needs of the client. Comfortable and loose clothes are provided. No oil is used.

Relaxing Oil massage

        A soothing oil massage will help your skin detox better and ensures you an intense relaxation. It helps to gently get rid of stress, to resolve muscle tension, whether perceived or not.

          The Thai massage with very effective oils stimulates the essential sensory organs and prevents many ailments. The skin and blood and lymphatic systems are stimulated, which facilitates blood circulation, helps cell renewal. Elimination of toxins helps re-balance the energy flow.

Mixed Massage, traditional and oil

Mixed between traditional Thai massage and relaxing oil massage. The masseur uses all the precise techniques of the gesture and alternates fluid movements and deep pressures to relax your muscles.

The technique consists of applying oils as part of the Thai massage, which allows to untie the various ligaments and tendons, facilitating their smoothing in the direction of the muscles. This practice effectively decreases the pain of patients.

Hot WaveStone  massage

The WaveStone is an innovative new tool that is revolutionising the world of massage treatments. The White Jade is also known as Nephrite, it contains over 30 trace elements.   Two vital mineral elements are, calcium & magnesium.

In addition, Jade is known as a natural transmitter of far infrared rays in the same wavelength as the human body, and it is known to produce negative ions which encourage cell metabolism and it is widely accepted as one of the best ways to smooth out cellulite.

WaveStone massage

Stimulates the circulatory system and promotes self-healing

• Softens and relaxes the muscles using far infrared

• Helps to release toxins from the muscles

• Helps relieve pain and muscle spasms

•  Boost Blood and Lymph Circulation.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It has been widely popular in Europe. It is generally combined with aroma oils and various massage techniques. It can be massaged from the neck, shoulders, back, legs, hands, arms. The appropriate heat from this stone will help deepen and relax the muscles in problematic and tense areas. It helps the blood and lymph circulation system to be better. You will feel comfortable, relax and quickly return to good energy.

Bamboo & oil massage

Experience a new bamboo massage with a blend of oil massage techniques. By pressing the bamboo on the tense muscles alternately with the weight of the hand. It will stimulate the senses, blood flow, lymphatic circulation and build energy in the body to make you feel comfortable. Relax and promote better health.

Back, shoulders and head massage

This type of massage covers the whole area of the back, the neck, the head, the shoulders. It is perfect for people with back pain, blockages, torticolis. 



The part of our body most often solicited is the back. These contractions are due to our rhythm of life, our bad postures, as well as the storage of stress and fatigue. The massage of the back will bring you this relaxation necessary to find a new energy.

Foot massage

The foot massage re-balances the entire metabolism and the nervous system which allows a great relaxation.

The feet and legs are massaged up to the knees.


Practiced not only with the hands but also with the help of a small wooden stick, it stimulates the reflex points, which effectively improves the blood circulation. It relieves many ailments and is also used as a preventive measure.